Emily Liew Xuan.

Software engineer at Tines. Alumni of UCD Computer Science, UCD Netsoc, and Ding.com. (she/her).



Social gallery and image annotation website that allows users to upload images, annotate existing images, and upvote or downvote existing annotations.

Library management system, a team-based web development project made from Feb-March 2020. Made by @bryansng, @LxEmily, and @yeohbraddy.


Personal website made with GatsbyJS.


Backgammon the board game, a team-based software engineering project made from Jan-Apr 2019. Made by @bryansng, @lxemily, and @yeohbraddy in 5 sprints.

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Removing LFS from a repository

Background My final year project involved processing large datasets into pickle files readable by a GR4Rec-based recommender system. Originally, the repository (~2.5GBs) was hosted on my school's…

Fancy Domains & Email

Here's a short write up on how I set up my domain and email if anyone's interested. There are tons of separate tutorials out there, but I wanted to consolidate the information I needed to set it all…

Gatsby Shenanigans: The Meat of this Site

Welcome to lxemily.com. It's made with Gatsby and lots of experimenting. This is the first blog post I've written in over 7 years - I'll probably need to edit out any weird bits later. A little…

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